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Lazy Horse is a little corner of the earth where the entrance gate has a hook on which you hang all your worries and troubles and immerse yourself in the company of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Do not forget to bring a carrot to make friends faster:).

Just the opportunity to be with horses and become a part of their world, throws us right into boots and leads to the barn with desire to hop in the saddle. With a clatter of their hooves and the heat of their breath we enter a magical world that we knew as children, at least in our imagination. We met some 14 000 years ago and to this day the bond between us has not diminished. Despite their seemingly indifferent nature, these gentle giants feel deeply. If we spend enough time with them, we find out how much there is in their beautiful eyes. Whether you are an experienced rider or it is your first encounter with horses, you’ll carry lasting memories home. Friends, good or even best, can come and go, but a horse to which you give care and love will become most loyal of all.

Lazy Horse Riding Center is located in an area of approximately 6 hectares, near Pazarići, 25 kilometers away from Sarajevo, at the foot of the mountain Ormanj with sweeping views of the peaks of the mountain Bjelašnica.


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Monarh, Tango, Ulan, Ukrina, Jassie, Stella, Azat, Zahara i Athena.